An animal is not just a thing

Sul sito è apparso questo video, con annessa rivendicazione, di una liberazione di volpi da un allevamento in Polonia. Testo e immagini sono davvero molto belli e pienamente condivisibili, abbiamo deciso di pubblicare tutto sul nostro blog, lasciando intatta la traduzione in inglese.
Buona visione (e lettura!)

“An animal is not just a thing.
An animal such as a fox, mink or a cow is a Person. Just like a human. Thinking and feeling. Believe it or not, animals are able to plan, love and desire. Longing for freedom and contact with others. Desiring freedom of movement, to do what is normal for the species. To be able to trust those who are close and important to them.

Watching a fox running through the grass, for the first time feeling underfoot anything other than wire mesh, joining with other foxes and fleeing together from the farm, made us feel that we are doing something good for them. Even if they do not live to old age, to run across the field is a life event for them. One moment when they can feel free and satisfied. On the farm they would die sad, frightened, lonely.

We will return and repeat our efforts. At this farm, and at others, in Poland.

You can do it too. Take matters into your own hands.
If not you, who? If not now, when?”

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